Eyes Wide Shut

Nationally celebrated hypnotist Steve Meade will open a series of national comedy acts at Gutbusters Comedy Club (part of Hendersonville Community Theatre’s major re-brand of 2016).

As part of its full-bore re-brand in 2016, Hendersonville Community Theatre will launch a series of nationally known comics. First up, slated for a two-night engagement this week, is Steve Meade, a hilarious hypnotist noted for drawing even the most recalcitrant audience members under his spell.

“The GutBusters Comedy Club is the latest project of the newly reorganized, 51-year-old theater [formerly Hendersonville Little Theatre]. Since moving from our old facility a few years ago, we’ve increased our offerings from 5 plays per year to 10 theatrical productions, special music events and, now, live comedy,” promoter Marc Paulhus tells Bold Life.

“In our debut year, GutBusters is presenting an impressive line-up of top comics who have performed in clubs from New York to Los Angeles … some have appeared on Comedy Central … one was a finalist on Last Comic Standing. All bring a brand of humor that is entirely original,” says Paulhus.

Meade’s two-hour show, “The Virtual Reality Tour,” involves heavy audience participation, as the hypnotist uses supremely crafted mind-over-matter techniques to slide folks in and out of tricky situations. He can turn a petite woman into an Olympic weight lifter or render a tough dude helpless is in the throes of painful childbirth. Meade can utterly convince winter-weary attendees that they have arrived in Jamaica or Tahiti. He once transformed a group of high schoolers into egg-laying geese.

This is shaping up to be a don’t-you-dare-miss. Local comic Curtis McCarley opens the show.

Hypnotist Steve Meade performs at GutBusters Comedy Club March 25 & 26. 8pm. $15. 229 South Washington St. Call 828-692-1082 for reservations.

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