Filling in the Lines

A fundraising group replenishes the art supplies of teachers in Henderson County (one of them is Courtney Hoelscher, whose painting “Island” is shown here).

Courtney Hoelscher, like the other high-school art teachers in Henderson County, knows how quickly students can use up art supplies. With budgets rapidly dropping, it’s nice to have some extra help, and that’s where Advocates For The Arts Of Henderson County comes in. The group has given money to teachers over the years to fill in the gaps.

“If we didn’t have people in the community doing stuff like this for us, we’d be back to pencil and paper in the next few years,” Hoelscher says. “We’d run out of art supplies.”

The nonprofit is all about putting art in students’ lives — and by extension into the world — in real ways. Among their programs was a found-object garden-art contest for high-school and college students, held last spring. Even the door prizes for the Advocates’ upcoming fundraiser stick to the theme: classes in metalsmithing and painting. Art pieces by accomplished local high-school teachers (including Hoelscher) will be displayed, showing the line of inspiration from teacher to student. “It’s really important that children can express themselves through art,” says Pam Hedstrom, a spokesperson for the group.

Funds are dispersed to teachers through gift cards, according to Hedstrom. Besides replenishing their general supply cabinets, teachers can use the money to purchase big-ticket items, such as digital cameras, that they know wouldn’t be approved through school budgets. “Art is one of the first things cut,” notes Hedstrom.

“They give us the chance to show that art is important to the community,” says Hoelscher.

Advocates For The Arts Of Henderson County holds its I “Heart” ART fundraiser on Saturday, August 12, 6:30-11pm at Sanctuary Brewing Company (147 First Avenue East, Hendersonville). Tickets can be purchased at the Flower Market, Hendersonville Visitor Center, and Art MoB Studios & Marketplace. Live music from Hustle Souls and heavy hors d’oeuvres are included in the ticket price. $10. Cash bar. See the nonprofit’s Facebook page for more information, or call 828-696-4884.

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