Freedom Rings

"The Faces of Freedom" exhibit will be celebrated with an international-style potluck. "Speaking Wind" by Billy Smith.

“The Faces of Freedom” exhibit will be celebrated with an international-style potluck. “Speaking Wind” by Billy Smith.

Providing a multimedia platform including drawing, painting, and sculpture interspersed with prayers and poetry, the Transylvania Community Arts Council sponsors the second annual Faces of Freedom. In this exhibit, artists of all ages, both amateurs and professionals, from kindergarten onward, will convey their personal take on freedom, or the lack thereof, in their chosen artistic format,” according to lead coordinator Nicola Karesh.

“We are excited to partner with our community for this exhibit, to take a look at what freedom means to different individuals … what it means through the eye of the artist,” adds TC Arts Council executive director Tammy Hopkins.

An astonishing breadth of local talent is represented, including much-collected Brevard painter/teacher Billy Smith, featured last summer in Bold Life, and middle schooler Alana Merrell, whose painting “Cages” has already gotten considerable attention for its emotional resonance and political awareness. “This painting represents the struggle of women, not only forced to cover their entire bodies with fabric, but all women who have been and still are discriminated against,” Merrell told the Transylvania Times.

“Individually and collectively, [all of the pieces] have the capacity to inspire questions, to promote conversation, healing and connection,” says Karesh, talking to Bold Life this week. “It’s a little bit like capturing a piece of someone’s heart and soul in time and viewing it up on display … my hope is that Faces Of Freedom, like last year’s exhibit, will continue to reach across lines and touch people’s lives.”

On Friday, January 29, an international-themed mixer and potluck, “Celebration of our Heritage,” will happen 5:30-7:30pm at the arts council. “I wanted people to feel happy and proud of their roots, and, together in fellowship, share a community meal and enjoy being together,” notes Karesh.

 349 S. Caldwell St. The exhibit runs through February 5. For more information: 828-884-ARTS.


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