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"Mossin' Annie" Martin's message keeps spreading.

“Mossin’ Annie” Martin’s message keeps spreading.

As much of the perhaps-too-civilized world is gearing up for holiday shenanigans, the thoroughly original “Mossin’ Annie” Martin is still talking gardening.

After all, moss, as she has noted, “thrives year-round, in all zones.” It’s alive, it’s beautiful, and it’s also endangered.

Martin, a Western North Carolina native, has spent years educating gardeners and the general public about the importance of bryophytes. She rescues threatened rare mosses from construction sites and replants them, and seems tireless in her mission to spread the word about moss as a natural component of artful, sustainable landscaping.

On the heels of her just-released book, The Magical World of Moss Gardening (Timber Press), which has been reaping five-star reader reviews on Amazon, Martin will visit Transylvania County Library (212 South Gaston St.) for a November 10 gardening Q&A. She has installed award-winning moss displays at country clubs, public gardens, and in private homes from here to Atlanta. Don’t miss the chance to consult one-on-one.

10:15 am-11:30am. Free. 828-884-3109.

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