Local mom competes for a world championship in Greece

Jordan Reyes of Hendersonville, a single mom with three kids, is headed to Greece in early November to compete in the Spartan Trifecta World Championship Races — along with some 2,000 competitors from more than 70 different countries. But, in many life-changing respects, her race has already been run, and won. As a passage on her website states,   “It was the vision of a better future for herself and her children that ignited [in Jordan] the burning desire … to not only be the devoted mother and unwavering bedrock she had yearned for in her own life, but to lead … by her own example of courage, desire, and vision.” Reyes, 33, recently spoke to Bold Life about the nuts and bolts of her journey.

How’d you get into this?

I was 85 pounds overweight when I first heard about obstacle-course racing, and it sounded like a fun thing to do to boost my health and fitness. 

How did you qualify to compete for a World Championship?

You have to complete three races within a calendar year. The first is a 5k with 20 obstacles. Then there’s a 10k with 25 obstacles, and the third is called “The Beast” — a 13.1-mile half marathon with 30 obstacles. 

What kinds of obstacles?

For example, there’s a rope climb, one where you cross over water on wobbly monkey bars, and a fire jump. 

When did you begin your trial-by-fire to earn an invite?

I wanted to do my first race in 2020, after I lost 85 pounds, but it had to be rescheduled due to the pandemic. So I finished my qualifying trifecta in 2022, completing all three events within the same month. 

That sounds incredibly intense.

I know an American girl who completed 34 trifectas this year. That’s where I want to be. This year I participated in three others, so the World Championship in Greece will be the fourth one for 2023. Each trifecta involves the three races I mentioned — the 5k, 10k, and The Beast, and in Greece I will do all three races in one weekend. So after the World Championship I will have done a total of 12 competitive races this year.

Don’t you also work as a personal trainer?

Yes, training motivated me to get into the fitness industry; I started my own business called Just Breathe. I also earned certifications in nutrition and corrective exercise specialization, [to help] clients do physical-therapy type workouts after an event such as an injury. And now I’m also a Spartan Coach, qualified to train athletes in obstacle-course racing.

But you have to pay your own way over to Greece?

Yeah, but I used to work as a barista, and one of my regular customers, Thomas Mueller, launched a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds to sponsor me. 

What a kind gesture! Have you ever been to Greece?

I’ve never even been out of the country, and I’m a little nervous but really excited.

What do your children think of all this?

They love it, and they participate in Spartan Races designed for kids. They see it as a big playground, and it’s fun to do as a family.

Jordan Reyes, Hendersonville. For more information about the athlete’s progress, see jordanspartanspirit.com. 

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