Merry Masterclass

This December, the Henderson County Public Library will offer a masterclass in gift wrapping.

Being an adult isn’t easy. The role requires knowing how to fold fitted sheets, file taxes, pay bills, and convince yourself that kale chips are just as delicious as Doritos. Luckily, the Henderson County Public Library is here to help.

In July, the library introduced Adulting 101, a series that teaches “new adults” between the ages of 18 and 25 life skills like recycling, cooking, and caring for houseplants. “We have covered a number of topics that people are supposed to know once they reach adulthood but may not learn in a traditional school setting,” explains Caitlin Lindsey, youth services coordinator.

Just in time for the holidays, Lindsey will tackle another tricky grownup task: gift wrapping.

“The wrapping techniques we will focus on in this session are all meant to minimize waste by wrapping with the shape of the object in mind,” she notes. “We will practice decorative ways to wrap more traditional shapes like rectangles and cylinders, then move on to a technique that will allow you to wrap more awkward shapes like stuffies and clothing.”

Lindsey will also point out missteps to avoid while ribbon wrangling. “The biggest mistake I have seen is not giving yourself enough space,” she says. “Even small gifts can be difficult to wrap when the surface is too soft, or the space to maneuver is too small.”

Adulting 101: How to Wrap Gifts is slated for Wednesday, Dec. 13, 5:30-6:30pm at the Henderson County Main Library (301 North Washington St., Hendersonville). For more information, call 828-697-4725 or visit

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