More Than Just a Pretty Space

LOFTY GOALS Above right, homeowners  Kim and Bryan Rosenberg. Below, Downtown Economic Development Director  Lew Holloway.

Above right, homeowners Kim and Bryan Rosenberg. Below, Downtown Economic Development Director Lew Holloway. Photos by Rimas Zailskas

The Hendersonville Designer Showcase shows shades of Petula Clark with a focus on what’s happening downtown. On tap is the transformation of a second floor apartment on Main Street into an urban-chic loft. The project is a fundraiser for the Downtown Façade Grant Program that focuses on preserving architectural jewels for history’s sake, and helps breathe life into other main-square areas that have seen better days.

Hendersonville’s Historic Preservation Commission, the Downtown Advisory Committee, and Downtown Economic Development Director Lew Holloway have all worked to highlight a soon-to-be stunning, 2,500-square-foot space designed for a contemporary lifestyle. He explains why the Showcase is more than just a pretty face — or façade.

Bold Life: A typical showcase venue is a grandly-appointed single family home. How did this concept come about?
Lew Holloway: We’re displaying the amazing transformation of a space via the creativity and hard work of the contractor and seven of our area’s best interior designers, courtesy of gracious property owners Kim and Bryan Rosenberg, and we’re also presenting a lifestyle that’s increasingly popular, community based, and significantly invested in historic preservation and reuse. The fact that the tour will benefit our historic façade grant program is icing on the cake.

How does the project speak to the context of downtown living? We’re seeing, and have seen over the last couple of decades, a resurgence in downtown living because it offers many benefits — proximity to cultural events, a rich community life, and a day-to-day existence that requires less car travel. Another part of this trend has to do with historic preservation and its importance in the “downtown movement,” for lack of a better term. The National Main Street Program, for example, was developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as a way to assist cities and towns in revitalization work. The program can be adapted to fit the individual needs of a town — from helping them attract small-business owners and residents to identifying ways buildings can be renovated for new uses.

Give readers some particulars of the Showcase loft.
The Rosenbergs were willing to take on the risk and work necessary to transform the space. They’re excited to show off the loft’s special characteristics, including a stunning sunroom with gorgeous views of downtown Hendersonville and beyond. Kim’s being a native [of the city] was a plus, too.

Sam Creech of Creech Solutions for Construction saw the project through ups, downs, and some surprises, and our talented team of local designers created a space that’s elegant, fun, and tasteful.

I know our visitors will be charmed by the space’s circa-1900 feel, yet they’ll also be able to visualize all the great amenities and relationships that downtown living offers.

The Historic Downtown Designer Showcase is open daily from April 18 through May 2. Designers include: Adesso Design, Benson & Babb Interiors,Cheryl Smith & Associates, Decor8, Harry Deaton Interiors, Scott Keels and Warren Fluharty Designs. Visit for details.

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