Ode to a Celestial Event

“The sun went dark, and so did my soul.”

A few years ago, Bold Life ran a story about the North Carolina Writers Network’s monthly open mic in the area. Our part of the state has long been flooded with literary talent, and the western branch of NCWN acknowledges this: the event is meant to expose listeners to seasoned voices, as well as encourage new ones: https://www.boldlife.com/open-mic-night-puts-writers-center-stage/. Not to be daunted by eclipse mania, the nonprofit is holding its latest event on E-Day itself, Monday, August 21, 5:15-7:30pm, at the Henderson County Library (301 N. Washington St.), where poets, essayists, novelists, diarists, and dabblers can share their thoughts on the day’s happenings (or, perhaps preferably, about a subject entirely unrelated to the Great American Eclipse).

Free. Register in advance by e-mailing opmiclit1@gmail.com.

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