One Sure Way to Get Carded

Keesha Aroix Fenzel holds the cards.

Keesha Aroix Fenzel is a Florida-based tarot-card reader, dedicated to helping guide others toward overcoming obstacles in life and gaining greater clarity for goal attainment. Fenzel joins about 70 other healers, psychics, aura photographers, and intuitive consultants at the upcoming Illuminate Expo in Flat Rock. Bold Life recently caught up with her between readings. 

Who came up with that great name for your business, Tarot’n It Up?

My husband and I, while sitting on the couch repeating different ideas back and forth.

Does it help to have a sense of humor about it?

I think in general a sense of humor in life helps. These readings aren’t always happy or cheerful. They can reveal bad news or confirmation of some difficulty, because everyone goes through things. 

How do you handle the delivery of bad news?

I wouldn’t hold back from anyone, but I try to ask questions first before I let it out. To see how much detail they want or don’t want. I let them be in charge. I ask them what direction to look into, or to tell me why they are seeking me out for a reading.

Where did you learn to read cards?

I was always interested since I was a child, but it’s not that popular of a trade. 

So is this your day job now?

Yes, it’s been my main business for about 10 years. I got started when I was about 18, after I visited a reader and had an instant connection. The next day I got my own deck.

What has it taught you about human psychology?

Everyone processes things differently. For example, they may believe they are making an unwise choice. But they still need to experience it for themselves. 

What are the biggest misconceptions you encounter?

People try to believe that Tarot shows you your full life. They forget you have your own choices. Regardless of what the cards might show, you have free will to change your choices and your path. They look at it as “tell me what choice to make.” But it’s more like, if you continue down this path, this will happen — but you can always change your direction and destiny.

What if people don’t like the answer the cards reveal?

I had a client who didn’t like the answer. I said, okay. It’s common to see new patterns [when presenting the cards]. So I shuffled the deck and did it again — I got exactly the same cards in the same pattern.

Illuminate — The Psychic and Healing Arts Expo happens Saturday, April 13 and Sunday, April 14 (10am-6pm) at Blue Ridge Community College Conference Center in Flat Rock. Daily admission is $9. For more information, call 831-601-9005 or see For more information about Tarot’n It Up, see

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