Street Smart

Spending a summer with Kurt Weill (image used courtesy of the Kurt Weill Foundation).

If Brevard Music Festival had a poster boy this season, it was the late composer Kurt Weill, whose life and times were explored in a themed “festival within a festival,” encompassing myriad events and concluding with the staging of the American opera Street Scene Thursday and Saturday this week. After he escaped Nazi Germany, Weill began infusing themes of social justice into his work (Street Scene is about the immigrant experience in 1930s-era New York City). “When [my] music involves human suffering, it is, for better or worse, pure Weill,” the composer once noted about himself. Read more in Bold Life’s feature article:

 The Janiec Opera Company presents Street Scene on Saturday, July 29, 2pm, at the Porter Center’s Scott Concert Hall at Brevard College, part of the Summer Institute and Music Festival. For ticket prices and availability, see


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