Up His Sleeve

You can’t wave a wand in WNC without hitting a musician or a painter. Even storytellers and neo-burlesque performers are thick in the orbit. It’s quite a bit rarer to encounter a magician, though.

We’ve found that skilled sleight-of-hand practitioners are making more and more appearances, often at high-concept events that include complicated food.

However, “Zelnik the Magician” is an illusionist for the people. The Charlotte-based performer, who tours through the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia, gets raves from a variety of regional venues for his classic act that infuses non-stop comedy. His popular Halloween-themed show converges with his ongoing library tour on Monday, October 26, when he makes back-to-back local appearances: 11am-noon at Fletcher Library (120 Library Road, 828-687-1218), and 2-3 pm at Henderson County Library (301 n. Washington St., 828-697-4725). All ages. Free.


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