More Greens Time

A new program at Columbus Library will teach patrons to eat green stuff — happily, mind you.

Every year, the average American horks down 174 animals: 23 chickens, one-third of a pig, one-tenth of a cow, three-fourths of a turkey, a smidge of duck, 12 fish, and 137 shellfish. Allie Snyder, a third-generation vegetarian and program coordinator at the Polk County Public Libraries, hopes to dial down these numbers through Meatless Mondays — the newest educational program at Columbus Library. Made possible through funding from the Carolina Foothills Foundation, Meatless Mondays invites library patrons to observe a plant-based cooking demonstration every month. In January, for instance, Snyder will whip up roasted red pepper soup; in February, no-bake energy bites; and, in March, spicy hummus. After watching the herbivore work her magic, guests are invited to sample the veggie vittles for themselves. “I’m excited to share plant-based recipes with our community,” says Snyder, who is working with Youth Services Librarian Jen Pace Dickenson to coordinate the program. “[I want to] show that meat-free meals can not only be easy and nutritious, but also enjoyable to eat.”   

“Meatless Mondays” will take place Monday, Jan. 22, Feb. 26, and March 25 from 2-4pm at Columbus Library (1289 West Mills St., Columbus). Free. For more information, see

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