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What’s growing on the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge

June is National Pollinator Month and June 17-23 is National Pollinator Week. See and for a list of regional events.
Photo by Rachel Pressley

Since Bold Life reported two years ago on the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge (LLFB), the project’s roadside splendor continues to grow:
Environmental education has become the supporting organization’s number-one mission. “We plant as many native plants as we can,” explains Kathy Tanner, chair of The Friends of Lake Lure Flowering Bridge and Garden Co-Chair. “The garden is qualified as an official Monarch Butterfly Waystation, meaning that we provide plants and puddling stations for them to thrive in. For example, we have planted a variety of milkweed plants for the butterflies to lay their eggs on.” 

The garden is intended to act as a host for many other pollinator species as well, including a diversity of birds and bees.

Throughout the year, the garden’s volunteers take on different projects to create special exhibits across the bridge. “The latest project we are planning is an installation of hand-painted windows that have been crafted by the volunteers,” says Tanner. “Overall, we love our creative whimsy. We designed the garden so that during the months between February and November, there is always something new blooming on the bridge for people to see.”

Lake Lure Flowering Bridge, Town Center Walkway, Lake Lure. Growing Herbs in the Kitchen Garden, led by Charlotte Gardner, happens Thursday, June 27, 10-11am in the LLFB Secret Garden. For more info, see or visit their Facebook Page. 828-625-1119. 

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