He’s Got the Meats

Jaime Guay, owner of the renowned Flat Rock Wood Room, has been working on something fresh for meat lovers. He is now serving a house-made pastrami sandwich he says is unlike any other in the area. “Pastrami just isn’t made from scratch around here,” explains Guay. “It’s a unique, cured meat similar to corned beef that originated up North, where the delis are prominent.” 

Jason Moore, head chef and kitchen manager at Flat Rock Wood Room, helped bring their house-made pastrami sandwich to life.
Portrait by Rachel Pressley

Guay creates his pastrami through a 10-day process that starts with a 100 percent cured raw brisket. He takes his brisket a couple of levels higher than most, rubbing the meat with coriander black pepper and smoking it low and slow for 14 hours. “I let it cool down for a full day,” says Guay. “Then we slice it deli thin for sandwiches.” To make the sandwich, three-fourths of a pound of pastrami is laid on marble rye with butter to make it extra crispy. Then, “steaming is done to pull the juices and all of the flavor profiles from the meat,” Guay reveals. “We let the liquid sit on the meat to soak in.” Next, provolone is melted over the top. A special Bavarian ground mustard adds sweetness and tang. “I have to give credit to my chefs, though,” states Guay. “I come up with the ideas and walk with them until they take off with it.”

Flat Rock Wood Room, 1501 Greenville Hwy, Hendersonville.
Jamie Guay’s second business, the Wood Room BBQ Trailer, travels around the area throughout the week. For updates and hours on both restaurants, see his website (flatrockwoodroom.com) and Facebook page. 828-435-1391.

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